Ian Liska

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About the Painter

Ian was born in Guatemala City.

His father, a chemist, emigrated from Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) during the communist times in the late 1950's and settled in Guatemala. His mother, a banker, is Guatemalan with Spanish forefathers.

Ian graduated top of his class as a Chemical Engineer.

He was inspired from a young age by a unique and colorful environment, and continues to be strongly influenced by his eldest sister, Ana Liska, who is a well-known painter in Guatemala.

Ian moved to Europe in 2007 where he started painting acrylics on canvass.

About his work

Strongly influenced by a powerful connection with nature. In his art work, Ian wants to portray the concepts of evolution, growth, and the intrinsic human connection to Earth. His mission is to be in harmony with his own nature and let his work be a reflection of his inner world.

His Artistic vision

The artists vision is to communicate with people in a powerful way, a way that goes beyond words. Outside the boundaries of our senses lies a limitless reality rich with information. All the things we cannot hear, but are sound, light our eyes can't perceive, things we cannot feel, they are all right there in front of our very noses waiting for us to discover the light within, the light with which to observe the things that lie one step beyond our senses. The intention of his paintings is to tell an important story, one where mankind and nature are united. Within each painting he tries to lay out valuable information to future generations, valuable mathematical equations, Einsteins' theory of relativity, among others, reveal themselves as the paintings are lit from the back. His works intend to intensify the importance of ideas that benefit the health and well being of Earth and its inhabitants. His vision is to act as a channel of creative energy and inspiration, one that will help the observer become part of a better global community, and achieve a broader understanding of our reality.